Small Motors for Instrumentation

Portescap's electric motor technology solutions cover a broad range of applications in instrumentation. Mobile devices will benefit from the low power draw of our brush DC coreless motors and brushless DC motors. High torque requirements are well suited for our brushless slotted motors. Precision dispensing can be achieved with our stepper motors or brush DC geared motors, or our stepper linear actuators. Whatever your application demands, Portescap's technology will offer the optimal motion solution.

Typical Motor Requirements 

Other Applications 

Precision scales Centrifuges Personal safety

Gas Detection and Personal Safety

Mini motors provide efficiency, power density, and performance to help designs become smaller, lighter and more accurate.


Portescap provides high acceleration, low inertia and compact design to drive critical microscope functions such as aperture and focus control.

Dosing and Dispensing Systems

Technology options for precise delivery.

Land Surveying

Motion solutions that provide maximum efficiency for long operation cycles in harsh environments.

Infrared Thermography

Portescap's brush DC, can stack stepper motors and actuators deliver fine resolution for enhanced accuracy and speed of operation of IR cameras.

Automated Optics Control

Lightweight precision motors designed for automated optics control of lenses in challenging environments.

Oil Drilling and Extraction

Portescap’s brushless DC motors are designed to withstand shock, vibrations and extreme temperatures.